Conference Theme

The goal of the Brazilian-German Year of Science, Technology and Innovation is to enhance the awareness of the diversity and excellence of the bilateral scientific cooperation between both countries, as well to give a new impulse to that cooperation. The BGME Workshop is part of the year of Germany in Brazil, and it seeks to further the cooperation on the fields of Micro, Nanoelectronics and Embedded Systems in the aspects of circuits and systems design, design automation, test and novel devices, by stimulating new bilateral projects, intesifying the exchange of students and researchers, and setting the agenda for innovative projects that benefit both societies. Addressing together the challenging questions of the nano frontier on electronics and systems.
The scientific relations between Brazil and Germany date more than 6 decades. New projects in areas that are critical to the innovation in the electronics of systems are to be addressed in this Workshop on cooperation on Micro and Nanoelectronics. Both countries seek to address with their scientists, students and companies the challenging questions in the nano frontier.  Keeping in mind the revolution that will be brought by new applications of nanoelectronics in the systems of the future. The workshop will also look at applications and implications on the innovation that can be promoted by joint research projects that will introduce a new era to the traditional Brazil-Germany cooperation in science, technology and innovation.
The Call for Participation in the BGME 2010 Workshop will be open to all interested people/institutes in holding cooperation projects joining Brazilian and Germany institutions. No registration fees will be charged to attendees.

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