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KARL-based TRS

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Term Rewriting (TR) using KARL

By far most Term Rewriting Systems (TRS) in EDA are used for verification, which means bottom-up use. The by the year 2002 the only known example of top-down use of TRS in EDA was the KARL-based automatic generation of an integer multiplier floorplan from the Math formula, as published in the early 80ies. This has been investigated in 2001 by the TRS expert Prof. Mauricio Ayala-Rincón from Universidad de Brasilia. The following equations are the set of rules to be used by the TRS system for this 4 bits wide integer multiplier example.


Here "shl" is the KARL language's shift left operator and its prefix i or j or (i+j) or (i-j) is the number of bit positions to be shifted and "shr" stands for "shift right". The following equation is the design task: a 4 bit integer multiplier:

For more details on the term rewriting sequence and its results see:

http://xputers.informatik.uni-kl.de/karl/karl_history_fbi.html#3.1 algebraic structured design 

The following figure shows the ABL graphic editor's presentation illustrating the result: a 4 bit integer multiplier, where  "lsb" selects the least significant bit.

The following image shows the layout of the multiplier circuit having been manufactured  for testing purposes via the MPC service of the E.I.S. Project.

This term rewriting example has been published in the early 80ies, but has been ignored by the TRS experts. In 2001 Prof. Ayala-Rincon investigated this and came to the conclusion, that working for verification, all EDA applications of TRS had used only bottom-up methods, and, that this multiplier design example is still new, since it is the only known top-down TRS application in the EDA scene. The following publications are the result from this cooperation.



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