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Publications of Brent Nelson        more         Invited talk at Darmstadt 2019

Facilitating Easier Access to FPGAs in the Heterogeneous Cloud Ecosystems

FPL 2015 programme

FPL 2015 workshops

RAW 2019 Rio


TaPaSCo Tutorial (ARC 2019)

Emerging Discontinuities in Design and Verification Methodologies;;Walden C. Rhines, Siemens (PATMOS 2018):

: Taxonomy of Spatial Parallelism on FPGAs for Massively Parallel Applications; ;Arnab Ardhendu Purkayastha, Suhas Ashok Shiddibhavi and Hamed Tabkhi (EDAS 2018)

Keynote 5 European ICT Research; Dr. Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos, European Commission (ARC 2018)

Invited talk: A Possible Future of Reconfigurable Logic in Data Centers; Derek Chiou, Microsoft, (RAW 2018)

25 Years RAW Spirit: Reconfigurable Models, Architectures, Innovations; Jürgen Becker, Viktor K. Prasanna (RAW 2018):

An FPGA-based Acceleration Methodology and Performance Model for Iterative Stencils;

Enrico Reggiani, Giuseppe Natale, Carlo Moroni and Marco Domenico Santambrogio (RAW 2018):

OXiGen: A tool for automatic acceleration of C functions into dataflow FPGA-based kernels;

Francesco Peverelli, Marco Rabozzi, Emanuele Del Sozzo and Marco Domenico Santambrogio (RAW2018):

FIDA: a framework to automatically integrate FPGA kernels within Data-Science applications; Luca Stornaiuolo (polimi) :

Explainable Software for Cyber-Physical Systems

Cloud computing migration: More expensive & complicated than u thought

Intel pushes FPGAs into the data center.

Catapult the Masses;; James Larus, EPFL

Big Data Analytics in the Age of Accelerators; Kunle Olukotun, Stanford EECS :

Accelerating Large-Scale Datacenter Services; Andrew Putnam (Microsoft Research):

ReconOS: Extending OS Services over FPGAs; Marco Platzner (University of Paderborn):

Programming and Benchmarking FPGAs with Software-Centric Design Entries; Michaela Blott:

Did I Just Do That on a Bunch of FPGAs? Paul Chow, U. Toronto:

Reconfigurable Computing for the Masses, Really?

Programming & Benchmarking FPGAs w Software-Centric Design Entries;

; Michaela's slides

ReconOS: Extending OS Services over FPGAs;

; Marco's slides

adaptable compute acceleration platform (ACAP)

Edge Access Program

How to Meet Power Performance and Cost for Autonomous Vehicle Systems using Speedcore eFPGAs (WP015)

FPL 2020

Nachiket Kapre: Survey of DomainSpecific Languages for FPGA Computing (FPL'16)

Reconfigurable Computing - From Embedded Systems to Reconfigurable Hyperscale Servers

Organizers: Mario Porrmann (Bielefeld University, DE), Zain Ul-Abdin (Halmstad University, SE), and Madhura Purnaprajna (Amrita University, IN)

FPGAs for Software Programmers (FSP 2016) Organizers: Andreas Koch; (Technische Universität Darmstadt, DE) and Markus Weinhardt

A Software Developer's Journey into a Deeply Heterogeneous World (slides); Tomas Evensen Xilinx, US

Accelerating Datacenter Workloads (slides); P. K. Gupta Intel, US

Heterogeneous Computing Systems in Cloud Datacenters (slides); Christoph Hagleitner IBM, CH

A Survey on Reconfigurable Accelerators for Cloud Computing; Christoforos Kachris, Dimitrios Soudris FPL'17

Keynote K5: A Software Developer's Journey into a Deeply Heterogeneous World; Tomas Evensen (Xilinx, US) Chair: Jason Anderson FPL'17

Efficient and Reliable High-Level Synthesis Design Space Explorer for FPGAs; Dong Liu, Benjamin Carrion Schafer Hong Kong Polytechnic University FPL'16

Emerging Accelerator Platforms for Data Centers; Muhammet Mustafa Ozdal (FPL'16 ???)

Keynote K4: Accelerating Datacenter Workloads; P. K. Gupta (Intel, US) FPL'16

Designing a Virtual Runtime for FPGA Accelerators in the Cloud? Mikhail Asiatici1, Nithin George1, Kizheppatt Vipin2, Suhaib A. Fahmy3, Paolo Ienne1 1EPFL FPL'16

FPGA-based Accelerator Design from a Domain-Specific Language; Oliver Reiche, Frank Hannig, Akif Oezkan, Jürgen Teich, Erlangen FPL'16 </p>

LYNX: CAD for FPGA-Based Networks-on-Chip; Mohamed Abdelfattah, Vaughn Betz University of Toronto, CA FPL'16

Accelerating Recurrent Neural Networks in Analytics Servers: Comparison of FPGA, CPU, GPU, and ASIC;

Eriko Nurvitadhi, Jaewoong Sim, David Sheffield, Asit Mishra, Srivatsan Krishnan, Debbie Marr, Intel, US. FPL'16

SLIDES LINK -- Search-Based Synthesis of Approximate Circuits Implemented into FPGAs; Zdenek Vasicek, Lukas Sekanina, Brno University of Technology, CZ, FPL'16

SLIDES --- Keynote K1: Configurable Clouds; Doug Burger (Microsoft, US), FPL'16 ⯇ ⯇ ⯇ ⯇ ⯇

CREC: A Novel Reconfigurable Computing Design Methodology - RAW'03 - ppt

Metrics for Reconfigurable Architectures Characterization: Remanence and Scalability." - RAW'03 - ppt

Performance and Overhead in a Hybrid Reconfigurable Computer."" - RAW'03 - ppt

Remote and Partial Reconfiguration of FPGAs: tools and trends. - RAW'03 - ppt

Effective Utilization and Reconfiguration of Distributed Hardware Resources Using Job Management Systems. - RAW'18 - ppt

Redundant Binary to Two's Complement Converter on FPGAs through Fabric Aware Scan Based Encoding Approach for Fault Localization Support" - RAW'03 -

Keynote 1: Heterogeneous Technology Configurable Fabrics: Leveraging Reconfiguration as a Pathway Towards Emerging Devices" - RAW'17

On How to Improve FPGA-Based Systems Design Productivity via SDAccel" - RAW'16 - ppt

A rapid prototyping method to reduce the design time in commercial high-level synthesis tools" - RAW'16 - ppt

A fully parameterized Virtual Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Array for High Performance Computing Applications" - RAW'16 - ppt

Clustering and Mapping Algorithm for Application Distribution on a Scalable FPGA Cluster - RAW'16 - ppt

A Fast and Accurate Cost Model for FPGA Design Space Exploration in HPC Applications - RAW'16 - ppt

High Throughput Large Scale Sorting on a CPU-FPGA Heterogeneous Platform - RAW'16 - ppt

Resource-Efficient Scheduling for Partially-Reconfigurable FPGA-based Systems - RAW'16 - ppt

Unleashing so,ware developers - RAW'13 - pdf

The All Programmable SOC FPGA at the Heart of Embedded Systems - RAW'13 - ppt

"A Heterogeneous Multicore System on Chip with Run-Time Reconfigurable Virtual FPGA Architecture" Michael Hübner - RAW'11 -

RAW Keynote 2 - "The Challenges of Computing with FPGAs"Tarek El-Ghazawi, George Washington University, (Session Chair: Viktor Prasanna) - RAW'11 -

Programming Customized Parallel architectures in FPGA - RAW'10 - pdf

Advancing NASA's On-Board Processing Capabilities with Reconfigurable FPGA Technologies: Opportunities & Implications - RAW'10 - pdf

Fast dynamic and partial reconfiguration Data Path with low Hardware overhead on Xilinx FPGAs;

Michael Hübner, Diana Göhringer, Juanjo Noguera and Juergen Becker - RAW'10 -

CAP-OS: Operating System for Runtime Scheduling, Task Mapping and Resource Management on Reconfigurable Multiprocessor Architectures;

Diana Göhringer, Michael Hübner, Etienne Nguepi Zeutebouo and Jürgen Becker - RAW'10 - ppt

An Architectural Space Exploration Tool for Domain Specific Reconfigurable Computing; Gayatri Mehta and Alex K. Jones " - RAW'10 -

keynote Reiner Hartenstein - RAW'10 - ppt

A Novel Hardwired NOC Framework with Unified Configuration and Functional Architectures Muhammad Aqeel Wahlah and Kees Goossens- RAW'10 -

A Low Cost and Adaptable Routing Network for Reconfigurable Systems; Ricardo Ferreira, Marcone Laure, Thiago Lo, Antonio Carlos Beck and Luigi Carro- RAW'10 -

RDMS: A Hardware Task Scheduling Algorithm for Reconfigurable Computing Miaoqing Huang, Harald Simmler, Serres Olivier and Tarek El-Ghazawi - RAW'10 -

RAW Keynote - Reiner Hartenstein RAW'09 - ppt

Runtime Decision of Hardware or Software Execution On A Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Platform; Vlad Sima and Koen Bertels- RAW'09 -

(Re-)Configurable Solutions for the high-volume ASSP Market- RAW'08 - ppt

Automatic % Optimization for FPGA Interconnect Synthesis - FPL'18 - pdf

Customizing Low-Precision Deep Neural Networks For FPGAs" - FPL'18 - pdf

Accelerating database systems using FPGAs: A survey - FPL18 - pdf

A Design Flow of Accelerating Hybrid Extremely Low Bit-width Neural Network in Embedded FPGA - FPL'18 - pdf">

f-CNNx: A Toolflow for Mapping Multiple Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGAs - FPL'18 - pdf;

An FPGA Overlay Architecture Supporting Rapid Implementation of Functional Changes during On-Chip Debug - FPL'18 - pdf;

Facilitating Easier Access to FPGAs in the Heterogeneous Cloud Ecosystems - FPL'18 - pdf

"All Programmable FPGA, providing hardware efficiency to software programmers", Ivo Bolsens, Xilinx - FPL'17 - pdf

"The Era of Accelerators", Viktor K. Prasanna, University of Southern California - FPL'17 - pdf

Accelerating Recurrent Neural Networks in Analytics Servers: Comparison of FPGA, CPU, GPU, and ASIC" - FPL'16 - pdf

Optimizing Interconnection Complexity for Realizing Fixed Permutation in Data and Signal Processing Algorithms; Ren Chen, Viktor Prasanna- FPL'16 - pdf

FMER: A Hybrid Configuration Memory Error Recovery Scheme for Highly Reliable FPGA SoCs - FPL'16 - pdf

Accelerating Particle Identification for High-speed Data-filtering Using OpenCL on FPGAs and Other Architectures - FPL'16 - pdf

Efficient and Reliable High-Level Synthesis Design Space Explorer for FPGAs - FPL'16 - pdf

Configurable Clouds - FPL'16 - ppt

Data Processing on the Fast Lane FPL'16 - ppt

Heterogeneous Computing Systems in Cloud Datacenters - FPL'16 - ppt

A Software Developer's Journey into a Deeply Heterogeneous World - FPL'16 - ppt

Tutorial TM1 Embedded Design Using LabVIEW Real-Time and FPGA Organizers: Jose Albuquerque Silva, Maha Moatemri, and Joseph Tagg (National Instruments, US)- FPL'16 -

Tutorial TM2 Hyperscale FPGA Research on Catapult Organizers: Andrew Putnam (Microsoft, US) and Derek Chiou (Microsoft and University of Texas Austin, US)- FPL'16

Tutorial TF3 Accelerating Big Data Processing with Hadoop, Spark, and Memcached on Datacenters on Modern Clusters

Organizers: DK Panda and Xioyi Lu (The Ohio State University, US) - FPL'16 html

Automated Synthesis of FPGA-Based Heterogeneous Interconnect Topologies - FPL'13 -

Rapid FPGA Design Prototyping Through Preservation of System Logic: A Case Study - FPL'13 -

A Platform-Independent Runtime Methodology for Mapping Multiple Applications onto FPGAs Through Resource Virtualization - FPL'13 -

High-level linear projection circuit design optimization framework for FPGAs under over-clocking - FPL'12 - pdf

EmPower: FPGA based Rapid prototyping of dynamic power management algorithms for multi-processor systems on chip - FPL'12 - pdf