last update: January 2019

RAW Rio 2019 -- rapidly alter (often on the fly) the functionalities of their and the interconnection between them to suit the problem at hand. --- available reconfigurable platforms (FPGAs and coarse-grained devices) ----- An appropriate mix of theoretical foundations and practical considerations, including algorithms architectures, applications, technologies and tools, is essential to fully exploit the possibilities offered by reconfigurable computing.
Topics of interest      Architectures & CAD -- Algorithmic Techniques and Mapping -- Emerging Technologies (optical models, 3D Interconnects, devices) -- Reconfigurable Accelerators -- Embedded systems and Domain-Specific solutions (Digital Media, Gaming, Automotive applications) -- FPGA-based MPSoC and Multicore -- Distributed Systems & Networks -- Wireless and Mobile Systems -- Critical issues (Security, Energy efficiency, Fault-Tolerance)
Hot Topics in Reconfigurable Computing Configurable Cloud -- Heterogeneous Computing in Data Centers -- Accelerating Data Center Workloads -- FPGA-based Deep Learning -- Accelerating Genomic Computations -- Acceleration of Data Analytics -- Reconfigurable Computing in the IoT era -- Organic Computing, Biology-Inspired Solutions -- Applications in Finance
Runtime & System Management Run-Time Reconfiguration Models and Architectures -- Autonomic computing systems -- Operating Systems and High-Level Synthesis -- High-Level Design Methods (Hardware/Software co-design, Compilers) -- System Support (Soft processor programming) -- Runtime Support -- Reconfiguration Techniques (reusable artifacts) -- Simulations and Prototyping (performance analysis, verification tools) --
Workshop Chairs: Marco D. Santambrogio, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, Diana Goehringer, TU Dresden, Germany,
Program Chairs: Fernanda Lima Kastensmidt, Universidade Federal Do Rio Grande Do Sul, Brasil Oliver Diessel, University of NSW, Australia
Steering Committee: Juergen Becker, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, Viktor K. Prasanna (Chair), University of Southern California, USA, Ramachandran Vaidyanathan, Louisiana State University, USA
RAW May 21-22 2018. Vancouver: Invited session: Future trends in reconfigurable computing
Persons: Session chair: Marco Santambrogio, Politecnico di Milano, Italy ---- Syed Waqar Nabi and Wim Vanderbauwhede: MP-STREAM: A Memory Performance Benchmark for Design Space Exploration on Heterogeneous HPC Devices 36 ----- Luca Stornaiuolo, Alberto Parravicini, Donatella Sciuto and Marco Santambrogio: FIDA: a framework to automatically integrate FPGA kernels within Data-Science applications (Download slides: http://raw.necst.it/2018/assets/36.pdf )
25 Years RAW Spirit: Reconfigurable Models, Architectures, Innovations Jürgen Becker - Viktor K. Prasanna -
RAW 2017 Buena Vista: Luca Stornaiuolo, Alberto Parravicini, Gianluca Durelli and Marco Domenico Santambrogio: Exploiting FPGAs from Higher Level Languages A signal analysis case study
Panel: The Role of Reconfigurable Computing Architectures in the era of Cloud Computing and Data Analytics
RAW 2016 Chicago Giulia Guidi, Enrico Reggiani, Lorenzo Di Tucci, Gianluca Durelli, Michaela Blott, Marco D. Santambrogio: On How to Improve FPGA-Based Systems Design Productivity via SDAccel (Download slides) http://raw.necst.it/2016/on-how-to-improve-fpga-based-systems-design-productivity-via-sdaccel.pdf
Chi Zhang, Ren Chen and Viktor Prasanna: High Throughput Large Scale Sorting on a CPU-FPGA Heterogeneous Platform (Download slides) http://raw.necst.it/2016/high-throughput-large-scale-sorting-on-a-cpu-fpga-heterogeneous-platform.pdf
Stephan Nolting, Guillermo Paya-Vaya, Florian Giesemann, Holger Blume, Sebastian Niemann and Christian Müller-Schloer: Dynamic Self-Reconfiguration of a MIPS-Based Soft-Processor Architecture
FPGA Monterey 2019 Versal: The New Xilinx Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platforms (ACAP) in 7nm. --- The Network Management Unit (NMU): Securing Network Access for Direct-Connected FPGAs ---- HeteroCL: A Multi-Paradigm Programming Infrastructure for Software-Defined Reconfigurable Computing ---- A Modular Heterogeneous Stack for Deploying FPGAs and CPUs in the Data Center ----