Reiner Hartenstein: keynote adress at PARC forum


Early Whistle Blowing. Now Reconfigurable Computing is indispensable
to master the computing crisis. Stay up-to-date! See

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The Abstract                             


The presentation                      


Building key crackers using FPGAs


Following Lynn Conway at PARC


The E.I.S. Projekt


the PATMOS project

the PATMOS conference

more PATMOS conference


To Reinvent Computing: the Role of PARC:


the book ->

about PARC:

PARC history

from Xerox

GUI history

PARC & Apple

Lynn Conway

the Xerox Alto

Chuck Thacker

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The von Neumann Syndrome bei Slashdot Book about the von Neumann Syndrome: The book on the von Neumann Syndrome




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