What is EUROMICRO ? 

EUROMICRO is a European non-profit scientific organization mainly for organizing workshops and conferences on information technology and microelectronics starting in 1975 at Nice in France. EUROMICRO has an interesting nice history reported here. When Prof. Klaus D. Müller-Glaser has been a student, the supervisor of his diploma thesis, Prof. Reiner Hartenstein (a scholar of Karl Steinbuch, at that time a professor of "Informatik", i. e.  Computer Science at KIT Karlsruhe - until 1977), sent Klaus to the US to give a presentation at a conference organized by SIGMICRO. Coming back home he reported, that there a colleague proposed that Europe should have a similar organization.

Reiner Hartenstein mentioned this to Rodnay Zaks, at that time staying at Karlsruhe to give an invited colloquium presentation at the Karlsruhe Technical University (to-day called KIT). They both together decided to set up such an organization which they called "EUROMICRO". It was founded in 1973 by Rodnay Zaks and Reiner Hartenstein and other colleagues having been invited by them to the foundation meeting, being inspired by the emerg-ing microprocessor technology and all the developing areas stimulated by its applications.

first EUROMICRO symposium was been held in 1975 at Nice, France. At that time there has not yet been the internet nor e-mail, so that all the calls for papers have been shipped by snail mail. At the deadline date only 4 submissions had arrived - all from overseas. But 4 weeks later 87 submissions had arrived. In 2014 the EUROMICRO FOUNDERS 40th ANNIVERSARY REUNION meeting was held at St. Paul de Vence in France (also click here).