NEMA 2010 –





23 – 24 FEBRUARY 2010


  1. Prof. Reiner Hartenstein – TU Kaiserslautern
  2. Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos – European Commission
  3. Koen Bertels – Delft University of Technology
  4. Kari Pulli – Nokia Research Center
  5. Remond Sautreau – Scaleo chip - iNovandi
  6. Amedeo Zuccaro – STMicroelectronics
  7. Philippe Bonnot – THALES R&T
  8. Ariano Lattanzi – Leaff Engineering
  9. Antonio Cerruto – Atmel Roma
  10. Piergiovanni Bazzana – Atmel Roma
  11. Henk Heijnen – THOMSON
  12. Alberto Navatta – INTERACTIVE MEDIA S.P.A.
  13. Paulo Carvalho – Critical Software Technologies
  14. Michael Adenauer
  15. Marco Moschetti – Korg Italy S.p.A

Prof. Reiner Hartenstein

CS professor

TU Kaiserslautern

Reiner Hartenstein is CS professor at TU Kaiserslautern and was visiting professor at UC Berkeley. All his degrees are from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. He is consultant and authorized expert and referee. He is credited to be the father of High Performance Reconfigurable Computing (HPRC). He is author of the hardware language KARL, core of the EU-funded (85 mio ECU) world’s first VLSI CAD framework and trailblazer for VHDL and Verilog.

He is founder of three, and co-founder of two more successful international conference series, as well as founder of the BRD-funded (38 mio Deutschmark) German contribution (the first on the continent) to the Mead-&- Conway VLSI design revolution: the Multi University VLSI Design Project "E.I.S.". He is IEEE life fellow, SDPS fellow, FPL fellow, and recipient of several other awards He has published 14 books and more than 400 technical papers and has given numerous talks, including more than 200 invited talks and more than 30 keynote addresses:

Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos

Project Officer

European Commission

Panagiotis Tsarchopoulos is a Project Officer at the FP7-ICT Programme of the European Commission. He is coordinating the "Computing Systems" research objective which looks for breakthroughs in programmability, performance and power efficiency of multicore computing systems through advances in computer architecture, systems software, tools and parallel programming models and languages. Dr. Tsarchopoulos holds a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany and an MBA from the UBI, Brussels, Belgium


Koen Bertels

Associate Professor

Delft University of Technology

Koen Bertels is an associate professor in the Computer Engineering Laboratory at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. His research focuses on tools for mapping applications to multi-core heterogeneous platforms ranging from high level profiling to VHDL generation.

He is involved in various European projects and leads a team of more than 10 researchers.

Kari Pulli


Nokia Research Center

Kari Pulli is Research Fellow and Member of CEO's Technology Council at Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, CA, USA, where he heads a research team that has been working on mobile imaging, especially on mobile computational photography and mobile augmented reality.

During 2004-06 he was a visiting scientist at MIT (though employed by Nokia), before that he headed Nokia's graphics technology, research, and standardization (e.g., OpenGL ES, M3G, OpenVG, OpenCL; he also wrote a book on OpenGL ES and M3G). He is an adjunct faculty at University of Oulu, has a PhD from University of Washington and an MBA from University of Oulu.

Before Nokia Kari worked on graphics at Stanford University (on Digital Michelangelo Project), Alias|Wavefront, SGI, and Microsoft. He was a guest editor at IEEE Alias|Computer Graphics & Applications, is in the editorial board of Computers and Graphics, and is the co-chair for Eurographics 2010.

Remond Sautreau


Scaleo chip - iNovandi

Remond Sautreau is the founder and CEO of iNovandi, a consulting company in Sophia-Antipolis science park, which mission is to assist high tech startups and SMEs in their strategic development and financing.

Prior to creating his own business, Remond held different international management positions at Texas Instruments Semiconductor in Finance, Marketing, Operations and Business Unit Management, and acquired a large experience in one of the most challenging sectors of the electronics industry.

Remond holds an Engineer degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (ENSAM) and a Business Administration degree from Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (IAE).

Amedeo Zuccaro

Director Security & Multimedia System R&D


Amedeo Zuccaro is managing an organization of R&D researchers in the semiconductor industry. Concretely that's about 90 researchers distributed across 7 locations in 5 countries. His mission is to contribute to the company results by adding value to System On Chip products.

The way this is pursued by recurrently renew the system research agenda with the stakeholders, the company business units internal customers and by executing the associated R&D programs. The domains addressed are Multimedia (Digital, Video & Imaging processing, Advanced Graphics, Multimedia representation, search & retrieval, networking and the like), Connectivity systems, as well as platform security Amedo holds a Degree in Electronic Engineering, which he has received from the University Politecnico of Milano

Philippe Bonnot

Project Coordinator


Philippe Bonnot, graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Paris in 1988. From 1989 to 1999, he worked in THALES Communications on complex SOC design, parallel architecture of digital signal processor and associated development tools. He notably designed SIMD architecture chip for space on-board signal processing.

In 1998-1999, he was manager of European project MAGICFPU about signal processing SOC design including VLIW unit for complex format processing. In 2000-2001, he was Chief Architect in ATMEL DSP design centre.

He joined THALES R&T in 2002 and initiated the design of a massively parallel architecture for image processing. He was coordinator of IST FP6 MORPHEUS integrated project (2006-2009) about reconfigurable architecture and tools. He is currently in charge of the Embedded System Lab of THALES R&T.

Ariano Lattanzi


Leaff Engineering

Ariano Lattanzi is co-founder and CEO of Leaff. He got the Italian Laurea in electronic engineering from the University of Ancona (now Università Politecnica delle Marche), Italy, in 2001.

He is co-author of several papers presented in international conferences: SAE, AES, IEEE, presenting the results of LEAFF research activity He was one of the early promoter of hArtes project and actively contributed to the successful build up of the hArtes consortium.

He is also promoter of several national research projects where he was able to fruitfully involve some of the most prestigious Italian Universities (e.g. Politecnico di Milano).

Antonio Cerruto

Project Coordinator

Atmel Roma

Antonio Cerruto is the Hartes European Project Coordinator from the end of 2008. He is the Product Development Manager of ATMEL ROMA. His main responsibilities include SoC Design, HW Tools, SW Tools and Product Engineering.

He was born in 1964 and graduated in 1992 in Electronics Engineering (Telecom) at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. From 1992 to 2001 worked in Alenia Difesa (Finmeccanica Group) as Digital HW designer and as team leader in the last 5 years. In 2001 started working in Atmel Roma.

Piergiovanni Bazzana

Application Director

Atmel Roma

Piergiovanni Bazzana worked on the development of HW and SW for digital signal processing since 1990. He participated to the development of Radar Signal Processing systems, using both application specific HW and programmable DSPs. In 1996 he has been the principal architect for the development of the first multiDSP Radar Signal Processor deployed by Alenia Defence Systems. Currently he is the application director for Atmel Advanced DSP.

He is working on the applications of Diopsis, the dual core ARM9 + Magic floating point DSP, with particular attention to audio processing and music synthesis. He contributed to the definition of the architecture of Diopsis. Piergiovanni is member of the AES.

Henk Heijnen

Cooperative Projects Manager


Henk Heijnen joined THOMSON (now TECHNICOLOR) in 1999 as Technical Advisor after having worked for several telecommunication companies (Lucent Bell Labs, Ascom ...). He holds an Engineering Degree from Ecole Nationale D'ingénieurs de Brest (1986)

He is a member of the company's expertise network ("THOMSON/TECHNICOLOR fellowship") and works as Cooperative Projects Manager for the Set Top Boxes Business Unit. In this role, he created or partnered in more than 15 national or european projects related to the embedded software in multimedia / home-networking products.

Alberto Navatta

Head of Development Team


Alberto Navatta joined Interactive Media Spa in 2005 as Head of development team for the Multimedia products after having worked as Project Leader, Technical Responsible, Software Architect for several telecommunication companies (Your Voice Spa, Soluzioni Software srl - Urmet Group).

His relevant projects in Interactive Media company are: IMMP (Media Phone - Interactive Media), MRF (Media Resource Function - Interactive Media/Italtel), VIS (Video Interactive Services Platform - Telecom Italia ), NMS (Vision Videogateway - Natural Microsystem), IVVR (Interactive Video and Voice Response Unit - Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM))

Paulo Carvalho

Project Coordinator

Critical Software Technologies

Paulo Carvalho holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Lisbon. He participated in projects in Portugal, Netherlands and the United Kingdom where he is now based joining Critical Software Technologies in February 2009. He developed Geographical Information Systems for historic research, a navigation platform using Open Source GIS components and has collaborated in projects supporting business transactions and requirements engineering.

He is interested in the fields of Geographical Information Systems, embeeded databases, legacy systems, software testing and development for automotive and transportation systems and data management for safety-critical applications.

Michael Adenauer

Michael Adenauer joined Adam Opel GmbH in february 2010 as a Design Release Engineer, responsible for the design & release of Automotive Sound Systems. Before he was working for Lear Corporation in Kronach, Germany, as a Product Manager Automotive Sound Systems, from 2007 until end of 2009.

His main responsibility in this role at Lear was the implication of advanced audio processing technology to improve the challenging task of accurate music reproduction in the car. Because of his more than 10 years experience in music production, recording & mastering, his attitude towards audio reproduction is focussed on musicality and vividness. This attitude influenced sound tunings in automotive sound systems to be found in cars e.g. Audi A5 "Bang&Olufsen", BMW 5 series "Individual High End" or Bentley Mulsanne "Naim for Bentley".

Michael Adenauer studied Electronic Engineering at University of Applied Science Wiesbaden and Musicology at University of Cologne. He is member of the German sound engineer's association VDT, German music author's society GEMA, German performing artists society GVL and member of the AES Technical Committee on Automotive Audio.

Marco Moschetti

software engineer

Korg Italy S.p.A

Marco Moschetti was born September 9, 1972 in Rome Italy where he lives. He has a degree in software engineering with a thesis on pseudo-physical modelling of the Rhodes electro-acustical piano. Since 2002 he works as a software engineer in Korg Italy S.p.A where he currently deals with sound generation, audio processing and DSP algorithms. He took part in the design of the latest Korg keyboards: Pa800, Pa2X and SV1 working to improve the sound generation.

He collaborates with the University and has attended several graduating students mainly on topics of pitch shifting, acoustic reverberation and sound generation. He is a great lover of music and plays keyboards as an amateur.

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