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Save Mankind from the Climatic Catastrophe:
The Most Urgent Job of the European Union

© Reiner Hartenstein, TU Kaiserslautern / KIT Karlsruhe, R4, December 2019

Preface (Summary)

The most dominating reason of the climate desas-ter is the dramatically high electricity consumption of the internet and other computers worldwide (see chapter 2), caused by the von Neumann syndrome. A technology converting Computers into Xputers came to market 1984. This reduces electricity consumption of computing by many orders of magnitude (see chapter 4). But existing conversion projects are too slow! The EU should take care, that conversion is successfully finished in about not much more than 2 years, instead of 50 years.

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) triggers the alarm and reports, the temperature over worldwide land areas has risen by 1.53 degrees since pre-industrial times, and, the number, duration and intensity of heat waves and droughts will increase sharply. The destruction of forests further fuels the climate change desaster [DER SPIEGEL]. The IPCC warns that the window of opportunity for decisive action is closing rapidly and the cost of inaction will be catastrophic. The goal of the Paris Climate Summit, to stop the global warming at 1.5 degree will be totally failed, if we continue like now. Currently Europe is going to a warming toward 6 degree, i. e. 9 to 10 degree ashore: the climate of Africa! Franz Alt calls "The third World War against Nature" It is very high time to start actions, because otherwise, earlier than many people think, we will reach a point where a turning back will be absolutely impossible !!!

The by far most serious reason of the climate desaster is the energy consumption of the internets and all other computers worldwide. However, in later generations mankind expects an at least hundred times worse desaster than the climate problem. It is an enormously worse crime to our descendants when we are needlessly burning oil and coal and do not handle these resources economically. Wolfgang Burgleitner: "Die Klimalüge" Taschenbuch; 17. Januar 2019

Finally we have two extremely important motivations for massively reducing the the world-wide electricity consumption. The technology for massively reducing computer energy consumption by many orders of magnitude is available already several decades: FPGAs. Its massively extreme effectiveness has been demonstrated already several decades ago by many reprogramming projects. Speed-up factors by up to more than 4 orders of magnitude and simultaneously energy consumption reduction by up to more then 3 orders of magnitude hav been obtained already at that Because of the simultaneity of both effects kann by such reimplementation the energy consumption can be reduced by up to 7 orders of magnitude. (Please, also, look into these bilingual pages about how to reorganize computing.) However a sufficiently fast organisation method for worldwide application onto the massively networked internet must be developed urgently. This can be organized only by the EU. (from Donald Trump and China motivation is not expected.) Previous EU activities were useless. What kinds of activities by the EU would be really successful ?

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  • Preface (Summary)
  • 1. The children are not yet sufficiently enraged
  • 2. The biggest “energy hogs”: the internet and other computers.
  • 3. The Xputer must terminate the dominance of the Computers
  • 4. Xputer Use for Energy Savings by Orders of Magnitude by using the
  • 5. The Technology for Saving us from the Climatic Desaster
  • 6. A much faster Reprogramming Organization is needed
  • 7. FPGAs: marketed since 1984: but ignored by the Media!
  • 8. Many Millions of gigantic Data Stations (click here !)
  • 9. Forest Fires, Harvest Losses, Water Shortage and much more besides
  • 10. Alarming Predictions about growing Power Consumption
  • 11. Water Supply Companies raize the Alarm
  • 12. 2050: the End of Human Civilization ?
  • 13. "climate-neutral EU til 2050" So late? A load of rubbish !!!
  • 14. Europe as Operator for world-wide Climate Protection !!!
  • 15. EU recommends Useless Methods for Climate Research
  • 16. We cannot afford high Electricity Consumption

  • 1. The children are not yet sufficiently enraged

    Precautionary measures against the climate desaster must be implemented rapidly worldwide. Measures only in a single country are totally inadequate. Franz Alt summarizes, that the hot climate became a crucial election topic area. Nathaniel Rich means, that the chance, to save the planet was gambled away already 30 years ago. At the end of the seventees scientists recognized, that the global warming disastrously accelerates. A New York Times bestseller book describes the coming desaster if we will not master to work against it. A breakdown of our efforts will in the near future destroy the destiny of our planet, if we do not drastically reduce our energy consumption as quickly as possible. However, politicians are ill-informed. The CO2 tax is an absolute nonsense. This makes electricity more expensive without really reducing the world-wide electricity consumption. On airline tickets the reduction of worldwide air traffic is not worth mentioning. We need a climate policy with brains instead of hammers !!!

    The public climate change discussion is highly chaotic. „German climate policy fails“ writes DER SPIEGEL-Leitartikel from March 30. at 2019. At March 31 in 2019 writes DER SPIEGEL on-line: „The children are not yet sufficiently enraged“. The by far most massive damage is caused by the emission of greenhouse gas. the electricity consumption of the iInternet and other Big-Data-Stations: (May 17 in 2019: Süddeutsche Zeitung: the Internet as climate killer) Their electricity consumption is extremely massive. (Emergency generators are here mostly Diesel engines with the size of a steam locomotive.)

      Bild 1 (ENVIAM Group): How much energy needs the internet? A comparizon:      E-version !!!

    2. Biggest “energy hogs”: the internet and other computers

    The internet is a worldwide integrated computer-based network structure and masses of other computers worldwide are connected to it. The emissions of greenhouse gases caused by the generation of electricity are by several orders of magnitude higher than that from the global air traffic together with the total world-wide shipping traffic. The appetite for energy of the internet has since the year 2000 almost doubled every five years. If the internet wuld be a country, wäre es measured by energy consumption the fifth largest country of the world. in accordance with Prognostic by Ulrich Clauß will the Web around the year 2030 consume so much electricity as in the year 2011 the total world population: Stromfresser Internet. Electricity consumption becoming unaffordable! Nevertheless the internet is not subject of our climate protection policy! Imbelievable! The still rapidly growing internet is 30 years old and is used by more than 4 billion people. The also massive energy consumption of other devices is added to this! How much electricity is consumed by computers, cannot be exactly measured. There is also the electricity consumption of many other computer structures, which are no internet data stations: other computer centers, servers in companies (like Amazon) and organisations, and processors built into mashines, vehicles, ships, and airplanes. The EU is „for a climate-neutral Europe“? Why restricted to much less than a fifth of the world population? So we cannot solve the climate problem, since the internet is world-wide very strong (Bild 2, 3, 4).

     Bild 2 (©Wikipedia): Only the under water signal cable network between data stations of the internet

    3. Xputers must terminate the dominance of Computers

    The still dominant Computer is based on the 80 years old extremely inefficient „von-Neumann-Paradigm“. The von-Neumann-Principles have often been again and again massively criticized. Nevertheless is world-wide the 80 years old extremely energie-inefficient "von-Neumann-Processor" (called: "Computer") still extremely dominant! An imbelievable development of Computer Science world-wide. Urgently needed is a "Seismic Shift". Reasons of the terribly high electricity consumption of von-Neumann-Computers are explained by the „von-Neumann-Syndrome“. This term was coined by Professor C. V. Ramamoorthy (University of California at Berkeley), when he opened the discussion after my workshop opening-keynote-address of the Workshop on High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing Technology & Applications (HPRCTA) 2007 in Reno, Nevada, USA. Also see: here. Is von Neumann still tolerable? Many other famous professors critisisized the von Neumann model .

     Bild 3: Enormous amounts of Internet Data stations. Here only a smaller part in August 2018

    4. Xputer Use for Energy Savings by Orders of Magnitude

    The competitor of the vN-microprozessors, the Xputer (Anti-Machine), has an operation speed which is faster by several orders of magnitude (called speed-up) and at the same time an electricity consumption lower by several orders of magnitude. This was proven by a major number of Re-Implementation Projects, where existing programs have been re-implemented onto Xputers. The Xputer is based on the FPGA technology which came to market already in 1984. Click here for a list "Recent FPGA papers, Tutorials and Directories". The highest „speed-up which I know has the factor 28.514 at the same time with a massive reduction of electricity consumption: here divided by 3.439, and a massive reduction of the space which needed here for the equipment is divided by 1.116. These effects appear simultaneously. That's why this example could result in an electricity consumption divided by 98 millions. So bring massive speed-ups together with massive reduction of electricity consumption by the computer equipment together dramatically massive improvements. Further reduction of electricity consumption, since no air conditioning is needed.

      Bild 4: ©NSA data center at Bluffdale, USA (source).  More large data centers: click here or here or here or here or here.

    5. The Technology for Saving us from the Climatic Desaster

    The Xputer needs as components so-called „FPGAs“ („Field-Programmable Gate Arrays“), which came in 1984 to the market and since that time have been improved all the time. FPGA literature: click here! For FPGAs there are several Manufacturers on the Market. For the re-implementation of a Computer-based system into a Xputer-based structure are programmers mostly not qualified, since usual Software-Engineering-Curricula teach only a procedural mindset. Why unqualified: literature. The Xputer-Programming however, must be done as „twin paradigm“, where procedural and structural concepts are intensively meshed with each other. A „International Workshop on FPGAs for Software Programmers (FSP)" serves the corresponding actualization of the programmer's methodology. The FSP Call for Papers for 2019 writes: „With recent progress in high-level synthesis, a first important step towards bringing FPGA technology to potentially millions of software developers was taken." What about Quantum Computing? If this would ever be competitive on microchip technology it would take many years or decades. For Energy-efficient Data Center Design: click here !!!

                                                      Bild 5: FPGA and Microprocessor on the same intel Microchip

    6. A much faster Reprogramming Organization is needed

    Up to now the number of successful re-implementatiom projects was by orders of magnitude too slow. The EU must urgently fund creating a much more efficient Reprogramming Organization for the internet and its data stations, so, that here not more than about 2 years are needed. Here as fast as possible also a sufficiently large population of Twin-Paradigm-Programmers should be educated.

    7. FPGAs: marketed since 1984, but ignored by the Media !

    Süddeutsche Zeitung writes (translated): „It is the good news, that the technologies are available, which we need." FPGAs came to the market in 1984. Click here for a list of "Recent FPGA papers, Tutorials and Directories". Googling results in: "About 40.900.000 results" (Febr. 2019): FPGA: what is that? About 80 interational conference series are concentrated onto FPGAs, and about 60 conference series often report about FPGAs, and several thousand conference series occasionally deal with FPGAs. See the List !! Already for a very long time ther are microprocessors with FPGAs on the same microchip! However, in the mass media FPGAs do not at all appear! That's why Politicians do not have the slightest idea, why these are so important. We urgently need a tutorial for journalists. Bild 6 shows a Teraco Data Station in Kapstadt. You see: many thousands of plug-in units must be replaed by new types with FPGA application. Their size, as well as the number of required units will be smaler by several orders of magnitude! The efficiency of FPGAs is surpassed by an order of magnitude by so-called DPLAs (s. PISA-Projekt). The EU must rapidly develop here a much more efficient reprogramming organization framework. May be, the ►►E2DC-conference series contributes useful ideas about data stations?

    8. Many Millions of gigantic Data Stations (click here !)

    World-wide there are about. 10 Million Datenstations. In addition to the Internet-Data stations there are further Big-Data Servers, from organizations and companies, like for instance Amazon. Far more than 1000 daten stations are so-called „Hyper-Scale Data Centers“, which are as large as several football fields and have an electricity consumption more than that of a small town. (s. Bild 4 u. 6). The Electricity Consumption of all these facilities running the internet betreibenden cause the world-wide largest emission of greenhouse gases. These are the by far largest causes of the climate desaster: the exhaust pipe of the Internet !

    9. Forest Fires, Harvest Losses, Water Shortage and more

    Already in the year 2018 we had in Europe (not only) rain far below average, temperatures far above average, and sun shine hours far above average. The extraordinary drought (Bild 7 u. 8) went far into the late autumn and then even into the advent weeks. The July 2019 was as hot as never before. It came not only to numerous forest fires, loss of harvest and many other heat damages of different kinds. Because of low water levels the inland waterway transport was massively obstructed and gasoline price went up. Ground water supplies rapidly decrease!! A dramatic Water-Shortage threatens! Terrible pictures: „dehydrated riverbed“, „Development of the drought of the top soil„ and other terrible pictures Wikipedia! Now something completely different.: Would this be an important step for saving the climate: to reduce the growth of the population? Click here!

    Twin Paradigm
    Bild 6: ©Teraco Data Station in Kapstadt

    10. Alarming predictions about growing power consumption

    Predictions about further growth of the electricity consumption of all these infrastructures are extremely alarming! This is not subject in the plans of our 'Klima-Kabinett' and the EU not at all! Their time horizon 2050? If mankind is still existing at that time? That's why we urgently must request, that the EU rapidly eine offers a massive R&D funding for a by several orders of magnitude faster world-wide server reprogramming for a by several orders of magnitude faster world-wide server reprogramming for the FPGA-based „twin paradigm“ method. Our Klima-Kabinett in Berlin must claim this urgently. This should be pushed through rapidly at a EU summit. A detailed proposal about a rapidly running EU research and development project: click here ! By the way, there is an interesting conference sequence "Energy-Efficient Data Centers (E2DC)"  Individual internet pages: see here:   2012  2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019 

                                     Bild 7: Extreme drought and heat in Europe 2018 (and later?) (©Wikipedia)

    11. Water supply companies raize the alarm !

    In 2018 we had also in Europe rainfall far below average, temperatures far above average, and sun hours far above average. Die extraordinary drought (Bild 7 u. 8) extended til far into the late autumn and then even til the advent weeks. The July 2019 has been even much worse. However, already in year 2018 many, many forest fires happened, loss of harvest and many more damages by heat. Because of low water levels the inland waterway transport was massively hindered und because of higher transportation cost the price of gasoline was higher. Diminishing groundwater reserves! Is there going to have fights about water soon? Also see Shortage of Water! Less water: more forest fires! Worry for drinking water: Water utilities are sounding the alarm. Also the Almvieh sits now on the dry land: The Swiss Army therefore flies water to the alpine pastures. The world without water: History and Future of a Scarce Good. Water is Basic prerequisite for life. Alarming pictures: dried up river bed“, „drought of top soil„ and more alarming pictures: see Wikipedia!

    12. 2050 the End of Human Civilization ?

    In Ireland and Scotland the highest temperatures since the beginning of weather recording have been measured. (Wiki). Scandinavia reports heat records and massive forest fires. Latvia and Lithuania declare the national desaster because of draught. In 2018 the term „Heißzeit“ became the word of the year 2018. How will this look in 2019 und later? Will the drought and its catastrophic consequences become even worse ? DWD reports that the June 2019 was the warmest and most sunny since the beginning of recordings covering all areas before almost 140 years. However, Franz Alt says: in reality we currently globally move toward five to six degrees, ashore up to eight degrees ! Do we still have a chance to turn away this desaster? Will 2050 be the end of human civilisation? The uninhabitable planet Earth. Since our so-called 'real world-wide climate protection' is actually massively wrong, the sea level will finally go up so very high, that cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Venice and many other cities world-wide will disappear irreversibly under the surface of the sea !!!

    Bild 8: World population

    Can our planet still be saved? The climate crisis threatens our future necessities of life in an unbelievable way. Many of us more and mor loose the hope, that we will master the living situation on our planet still in an acceptable range. All climate protection measures are not even rudimentally sufficient to get a grip on the crisis. The fundamental reason of the climate desaster is the ist the tremendous growth of the world population. (see Bild 8). Currently the population is alreada 3 times as high as in the time of the last Geneva asylum convention (1950). And now the growth preditions are extremely alarming! (see Bild 8) For their alimentation a rapidly growing demand for agricultural areas is needed. This still leads to similar rapidly growing enormously massive deforestation of the for a healthy climate extremly important rain forests! See the first Bild in "Wir schaffen das" (we can do it): `up to 8 children born per women !!!`. Although not all of these many children survive, we should as quickly as possible teach and facilitate contraception to all these women! Are there other methods to control the limit of growth of the world population? Yes! We must start this repidly!

    13. "Climate-neutral EU til 2050" So late?  Load of Rubbish!

    Cities like Hamburg or Amsterdam will be uninhabitable: a horror szenario! More than a billion people must be relo-cated til 2050, so that they can survive. Armed conflicts and wars between nations because of massive problems with migration, water shortage, food shortage increase massively. Europe will drown in climate refugees!
read this book!
    It's alarming that the plans of climate politicians handle the expenditure of time extremely generous. For Germany 2019 should be the climate year. In view of the world-wide escalating climate crisis it is time, that our governement plans determined actions against heating our planet. However, the proposal of the EU, to have climate-neutral EU til the year 2050, would be effective after 30 years and only in the EU! UNBELEAVABLE !!! Mankind could be exterminated til 2050 !

    Twin Paradigm
    Bild 9: Oak with brownish foilage (©Wiki)

    14. Europe should manage Worldwide Climate Protection !!!

    On May 16 writes the BNN (Badische Neueste Nachrichten) (translated:) "EU elections 2019: What do the parties want?": How does Europe follow its responsibility for fighting against the climate change? Under 'CDU/CSU' it writes: The Union sees "14. Europe managing a world-wide climate protection". Really? "With more investments into sustainable technologies and innovations: can we still combine economic growth with climate protection und environmental protection?" However, unfortunately there they do not at all concentrate onto what I claim within this my book here.

    15. EUs useless Climate Research Recommendations

    Civilian insubordination against a irresponsible climate protection policy is reasonable and necessary. Ultimately this deals with the future of the young generation. Currently the EU discusses a new climate change policy by the 2019 Enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) Workprogramme funded by extra 45.4 million € for the EIC Pathfinder Future and Emerging Techologies (FET) proactive topics program, Die EU propagates here climate research by Future and Emerging Techologies (FET). Such a Nonsense!!! "FETs" do not yet exist! How many years lasts "emerging" and what will be the result? So we cannot save the climate for a long time !!! Will this search be successful at all ? We need immedialtely applicable EET (Existing Experienced Technologies) !! This are FPGAs, successfully used for many decades in many application areas. It is imbelievable, that a group funded with 45 million € does not know anything about the existance of FPGAs.

    16. We cannot afford high Electricity Consumption  

    In a few generations, humanity expects a highly dramatic catastrophe being a hundred times worse than by the damages climate change. The caricature in fig. 10 criticises completely impossible attempts to find any solutions for for improving the availability of all these nature ressources. Also see the Open University`s global oil and gas productivity predition graphics in Bild 11. Wolfgang Burgleitner: It is an unbelievably enormous crime against our descendants if we burn natural gas, oil and coal unnecessarily and do not use these energy raw materials very sparingly. That's why also the shutdown of nuclear power stations is an extremely wrong decision since here nor oil nor gas ia needed for electricity generation. The dramatically high power consumption of the Internet and other computers must therefore be reduced by several orders of magnitude as quickly as possible (see chapter 5).


      Bild 10: Mehr Schnur: need more cord!


                      Bild 11: © The Open University: Global production of oil and gas.

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