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FPGAs & ASICs are extremely important to avoid the Climate Desaster.
By far the most CO2 emission worldwide is caused by the electricity consumption of computers: millions of huge data stations not only to run the internet, embedded computer systens everywhere, billions of PCs and zillions of portable devices [1]. The still dominant ancient Computer Paradigm is extremely energy-inefficient because of the von Neumann syndrome.
Already two decades ago by several orders of magnitude better energy efficienciy have been demonstrated by migrations to the Xputer Paradigm based on FPGA usage [2] 3].
More than 5000 conference series or workshop series have at least some relations to FPGAs [4]. However, FPGAs are tabooed by the media, so that politicians do not know this way to cope with the climate desaster. I am looking for talented journalists being ready to solve this problem.
By again several more orders of magnitude in energy efficiency is obtained by ASIC design usage: i. e. by Application-Specific Integrated Circuits.
....., I am still working at this text. You may contact me!
[1] W. Kempkens: Bitcoin-Technologie ist ein fataler Klimakiller; Oct. 2018
[2] R. Hartenstein: Klima-Katastrophe: verursacht per Internet; Nov. 2018
[3] RH: SE Curricula Unqualified 2 cope w. the Data Avalanche; Febr. 2018
[4] RH: Conferences and Workshops on FPGAs & Reconfigurable Computing;