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The Reconfigurable Computing Paradox


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What Will Replace DRAM?

The Biggest Mistake in the History of Computing 

Computing Principles are facing a Seismic Shift 

how the new processor paradigm was invented and implemented ! 

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Reinvent Computing also for journalists

massive Energieverschwendung Wichtiges für Journalisten ! Der Öffentlichkeit unbekannte massive Energieverschwendung durch Computer

Revolutionary E.I.S. project (in German language)  

Mead-&-Conway VLSI design revolution: 1st on entire EurAsia  

A Decade of Reconfigurable Computing: a Visionary Retrospective ç click onto an image

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Makimoto's Wave: The Programming Crisis. FPGAs urgently needed  

SE Curricula Unqualified to Cope with the Data Avalanche  

Twin Paradigm Computing - to cope with the von Neumann Syndrome (see Call for Papers: 'Hartenstein's Xputer')  

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Term Rewriting using KARL  for automatic generation of a multiplier microchip floorplan from the math formula   The KARL pages directory   --- about the trailblazing fully calculus capable hardware design language   The KARL language History pages   KARL was used world-wide -- users: citations, licenses, software from external, designs implemented.  

KARL language pages KARL language pages   The CHDL conference series killed CHDL conference series was killed by the VHDL lobby  

VHDL: Biggest Mistake in the History of EDA  

Why KARL disappeared  

my name's Christian origin Probleme mit der Innovation Wettbewerbs-fähig?  

Reconfigurable Computing at PARC forum  

The alternative Machine Paradigm for Energy-Efficient Computing   Bildungspolitik: IT-Herausfor- derung wg. Industrie 4.0

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Stonewalled Progress of Computing Efficiency

The Case Against Quantum Computing

The Case Against Quantum Computing




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FPGAs are extremely important to avoid a massive Climate Desaster.

By far most CO2 emission worldwide is caused by electricity generation. A major part of electricity consumption is caused by computers: millions of huge data stations not only to run the internet, embedded computer systens everywhere, billions of PCs and zillions of all kinds of other portable devices [1]. The still dominant ancient Computer Paradigm is extremely energy-inefficient: the von Neumann syndrome.

Already two decades ago by several orders of magnitude better energy efficienciy have been demonstrated by migrations to the Xputer Paradigm based on FPGA usage [2] [3] (or, on the DPLA).

More than 5000 conference series or workshop series have at least some relations to FPGAs [4]. However, FPGAs are tabooed by the media, so that politicians do not know this way to cope with the climate desaster. I am looking for talented journalists being ready to solve this problem.

....., I am still working at this text. You may contact me!
[1] W. Kempkens: Bitcoin-Technologie ist ein fataler Klimakiller; Oct. 2018
[2] R. Hartenstein: Klima-Katastrophe: verursacht per Internet; Nov. 2018
[3] RH: SE Curricula Unqualified 2 cope w. the Data Avalanche; Febr. 2018
[4] RH: Conferences and Workshops on FPGAs & Reconfigurable Computing;